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Celebrating Everyone’s Favorite Beagle

August 01, 2021

August 10th is a pretty special day for our canine companions. It’s the birthday of one of the most beloved iconic pups ever: Snoopy! A vet discusses some fun facts about Charlie Brown’s furry best friend below.

A Star Is Born

There’s actually a bit of confusion about Snoopy’s actual birthday. The pup made his first appearance on October 4, 1950, which was the third Peanuts comic strip ever. However, the matter was clarified in a strip published on August 10, 1968. In that strip, which was recently reposted by the Charles Schulz Museum’s official Twitter, the Peanuts gang—Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Violet, Patty, and Shermy—throw Snoopy a surprise party.


Snoopy wasn’t always Charlie Brown’s dog. Some older strips suggest that he was first owned by Patty or Shermy. However, in the movie Snoopy, Come Home, Lila was his original owner. Snoopy sought Lila out in the movie, and was persuaded to live with her again, but was foiled by a ‘No Dogs Allowed’ sign. The wandering beagle went back to his beloved bald buddy.

How did Charlie Brown end up with Snoopy? Legend has it that Charlie told Snoopy to Stay, and Snoopy did just that. However, an animated video clip has surfaced recently sheds new light on the matter. This adorable bit shows Charlie Brown and meeting Snoopy as a puppy.

An Esteemed Career

Snoopy has had quite a remarkable life, especially given that he spends so much time lounging about on the roof of his doghouse. He’s been an author, baseball shortstop, Boy Scout, golfer, jaguar, tennis player, figure skater, and World War 1 flying ace. He also worked in courts of law, earning him the nickname Legal Beagle. Somehow, he also made time for his alter ego, Joe Cool; his best buddy, Woodstock; and his girlfriend, Fifi, whom he rescued from The Red Baron in The Peanuts Movie.


Snoopy has some pretty adorable siblings: Andy, Spike, Olaf, Rover, Belle, Molly, and Marbles. Snoopy is closest to Spike, the mustached, fedora-wearing bachelor who lives in the desert and chats with cacti. His sister, Belle, also had a run with celebrity: she was the model and inspiration for several fashion designers, including Armani, Lagerfield, and de la Renta. This eventually led to a traveling exhibition of Snoopy and Belle’s doggy couture.

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