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Rescue Dog Day

May 15, 2024

Are you thinking about getting a dog? If that’s the case, you might want to think about adopting a rescue. Many of our patients are rescues who have experienced difficult times but are now pampered and beloved pets. Read on as a Galloway, OH veterinarian discusses rescue dogs.

What Is National Rescue Dog Day?

Every year, Rescue Dog Day is celebrated on May 20th. This pet holiday is relatively new, having been initiated in 2018 by children’s book author Lisa Wiehebrink. She serves as the executive director of Tails That Teach, an organization that educates children about pets. She established Rescue Dog Day as a tribute to her beloved rescue dog, Cooper.

What Does the 3/3/3 Rule Entail for Dog Adoptions?

This can be seen as more of a guideline rather than a strict rule. It serves as a reminder that our furry friends may need some time to adapt to significant changes, like moving to a new home. Even if Fido is going to a fantastic and caring forever home (which we believe all dogs deserve), it will still take some time for him to adapt to the new environment.

It typically takes your new pup about three days to adjust to his new surroundings, three weeks to become comfortable, and three months to truly feel secure and cared for.

First Three Days

For the first three days, just let Fido acclimate to the new environment. Your main priority is ensuring Fido’s sense of security. Make sure that he has a comfortable space where he can unwind.

Snacks can help a lot here. In general, it’s important to strike a balance with treats, but this is also an important time for bonding. Just opt for smaller portions to avoid overfeeding your furry friend. Talk to Fido in a friendly manner. If he enjoys receiving belly rubs or ear scritches, feel free to pamper him, but if he’s more reserved, just be patient and give him space.

Your furry friend may sleep quite a bit in the beginning, especially if they’ve recently been in a shelter. Dogs often find the shelter environment to be a source of fear and stress. Fido may need to sleep it off as he decompresses.

If your pet happens to make a mess or misbehave, it’s important not to resort to punishment. Verbal reprimands should suffice, as anything more might be overwhelming for him. Positive reinforcement is key.

First Three Weeks

After your pet has settled into his new environment, it’s important to focus on building a strong bond and addressing any necessary training. Make sure to take Fido for walks every day and set aside some time to play with him.

When taking your furry friend for a stroll, it’s important to use a reliable leash. He might have some hidden phobias or quirks, like being obsessed with squirrels or having a fear of other dogs. That way, in case he attempts to escape suddenly, you’ll have a firm hold on him.

You’ll also need to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian for your furry friend. Even if he has already been fixed and is up to date on vaccinations, he will require a comprehensive nose-to-tail examination. This is the perfect opportunity to get some tailored advice about his care.

Fido may challenge you a bit during this stage. If you encounter any speed bumps or behavioral issues, don’t hesitate to contact your vet for guidance.

Consider getting a doggy DNA test, particularly if your pet is a mix. This can provide valuable insights into Fido’s behavior and alert you to any potential health issues he may have.

First Three Months

By now, you and Fido should have developed a level of familiarity with each other. Building a strong bond of love and trust should be a top priority. Bringing your furry friend to various parks can greatly boost his confidence and overall happiness. Consistency is key when it comes to your pet’s schedule. By now, your furry companion should be fully integrated into your family.

Getting Fido Settled In

We do suggest giving your pet a quiet place to rest and relax. If you have other pets, keep them separated at first.

Many people wonder whether it’s a good idea to crate a rescue dog at night. There is no definitive answer to this question. Many dogs find crates to be a secure and comforting space. Fido often enjoys having a secure and cozy den. However, if your pup has spent too much time in a kennel or has had negative experiences with kennels, he may be uneasy with being kenneled.

If your canine pal doesn’t mind being crated, you could place the crate in your bedroom. Your pet will likely feel more secure when they are close to you. Alternatively, he may prefer to have a sense of responsibility and keep a watchful eye on you.

Ask your Galloway, OH vet for specific advice, including tips on introducing him to his furry new roommates.

Make Sure To Petproof Your Home

Each and every one of our furry friends has their own unique qualities. While one dog may pay no attention to your shoes and houseplants, another may have a strong desire to chew them up. Ensure the safety of your home by taking care of any potential hazards. This includes a range of items such as toxic plants, small or sharp objects, chemicals, medication, plastic bags, personal items, and wires.

Take Your Time

Adopting a rescue dog can bring immense joy and fulfillment. Being able to witness a dog flourishing as a result of love and care is a beautiful experience!

However, It’s crucial to recognize that rescues may require additional time, training, and, above all, affection, in order to truly flourish. Fido might feel disoriented, anxious, or even depressed due to missing their previous owner. One common error people often make is attempting to rush a dog’s integration process. Be patient. Love takes time!

What Are The Advantages Of Adopting A Rescue Dog?

It always warms our hearts to see rescued dogs find loving homes. Indeed, many people swear that their rescue dogs are the most exceptional companions they have ever had. Fido definitely appreciates someone who is looking after him and treating him with kindness.

  • Rescue dogs are known for their unwavering loyalty and affectionate nature.
  • You also have the opportunity to choose your ideal furry companion! Rescue dogs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, breeds, ages, and activity levels.
  • Adopting rescue pups can also be quite affordable.
  • Fido may already be trained.
  • This helps other animals, by freeing up shelter space and resources
  • Most importantly, you might discover that your heart simply melts the moment Fido gazes into your eyes or wags his tail in your direction. The unconditional love many rescue dogs show their humans can be very powerful.

Contact Your Galloway, OH Pet Clinic

Do you need any guidance on how to properly care for a rescue dog? Get in touch with us, your Galloway, OH neighborhood pet hospital, today! We are always dedicated to providing top-notch care, and we love seeing rescued dogs blossom and thrive with love.

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