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When we began our search for a rescue dog, I stopped in at Angel Animal Hospital to see if that might be a place I would be comfortable with. I was very impressed with the staff there. A week later when we got Madison, we made an appointment with Dr. Candace Fisher. The staff was very welcoming to her as a new patient. Madison had been neglected as a stray and had a severe flea reaction. She had many large patches of fur missing and skin infections.

Dr. Fisher and her staff spent a lot of time with us and gave Madison a lot of special care. Dr. Fisher answered our questions about medications (current as well as preventative), diet, bathing, house training and general care. Madison was scheduled for surgery the following week. Dr. Fisher personally called to let us know how Madison was doing. She knew or concerns about Madison’s health before the surgery. Dr. Fisher was very reassuring and all went well.

Madison also developed an ear infection two weeks later. Madison was very comfortable with the staff due to their calm, patient ways. Today, Madison is thriving thanks to the care she received from Dr. Fisher and her staff. They have been very helpful in teaching us how to understand and take care of Madison’s special needs.

Nancy M.
After losing my wonderful 17 year old cat, Tigger, I thought that Motor would like to have a new playmate. I adopted Lucky from Angel Animal Hospital. Everyone there had taken such good care of Tigger, I knew they would know what type of cat I wanted.They had a wonderful black cat they were looking for a home. His name was Lucky and he was such a loving cat. I decided to take him home with me.

Well, I was very wrong in my assessment that Motor would like a new brother!!! Dr. Fisher kept telling me that they would be best friends before long.

I am so thankful to Dr. Fisher and the staff for finding the wonderful Lucky for me, and telling me that they would get along eventually.

Our 9 ½ year old dachschund, Gretal, jumped from the seat in the car and somehow jammed her back. She never cried – just laid on the car floor. When we arrived home, she began “laying around” and not moving much.

After talking to Dr. Candace Fisher, she suggested complete rest for Gretal as she could have a serious orthopedic problem, and bring her to the office. After a thorough examination, Dr. Fisher gave her a Dexamethosone-SP injection and Prednisolone and Dasuquin, along with instructions to stay “low key.”

Gretal immediately started to show improvement in the next few days and started to come around, get up on her back legs and walk, and began in get independent about letting us carry her outdoors to take care of her business. We watched her gradually go to her toys and after 3 days she was back rolling and stretching on her back.

Thanks to Dr. Fisher and her staff, along with the medications administered and the TLC from Gretal’s “Mom and Dad”!

Bill H.
One morning, I took my little Chihuahua outside to potty, but she was having problems. I noticed that her stomach was a little bloated. Later that evening, she was still having problems.

I called Angel Animal Hospital the next morning and talked to Dr. Fisher. She suggested I bring Pookie in to see her that morning. Dr. Fisher did some blood tests and decided to do exploratory surgery. She found that Pookie was ill– Pytometra which could have been fatal. I’m so grateful to Dr. Fisher and her staff for being there for Pookie when she needed them.

Pookie is back to her adorable self. The hospital is appropriately named “Angel Animal Hospital.”

Aerial, our boxer, first came to Dr. Fisher the last of May 2009. Aerial had been to another veterinarian practice a week before. They said she had bronchitis and a urinary tract infection. This diagnosis turned out to be grossly incorrect and the missed diagnosis almost killed Aerial.

It was the weekend of the holiday when we first called Dr. Fisher and her staff took Aerial right away. She examined Aerial and unfortunately the diagnosis was not good. Aerial had a tumor.

Dr. Fisher’s consul was honest ad to the point. She told us if the tumor was advanced and aggressive, Aerial may only have a month to live. However, there was still hope that they time could be extended with the proper treatment. Dr. Fisher prescribed a treatment to help Aerial and we are happy to report that she is still alive and doing very well.

We are very pleased with Dr. Fisher and her staff. They are very professional and caring at the same time. Dr. Fisher take time to personally call to see how Aerial is doing, which means so much to us. We truly believe that Aerial would not be alive today if it were not for Dr. Fisher. We love everyone at Dr. Fisher’s Angel Hospital and would recommend them to anyone who has a pet.

Joe and Dee M.

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