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Parasite Prevention & Control

When it comes to managing your furry family member’s health, we believe prevention is always the best medicine. One of the most important components of animal health care involves taking the appropriate measures to prevent and control parasites. Whether it’s external pests, like fleas and ticks, or internal parasites, keeping them away from your companion is key.

At Angel Animal Hospital, we take parasite management serious. Our primary goal is to develop a customized strategy that’s designed to proactively avoid parasites altogether. This may include recommending the use of certain preventative products, or it could involve prescription medicine. Each pet is evaluated based on his or her unique lifestyle and risk factors to ensure a more tailored approach for optimum results.

Recommended Parasite Prevention for Dogs

Interceptor: Monthly chewable to prevent heartworm and intestinal parasites
Sentinel: Monthly chewable to prevent from fleas, heartworm and intestinal parasites
Vectra: Topical monthly flea and tick control as well as mosquito repellent

Recommended Parasite Prevention for Cats

Revolution: Topical monthly protection against fleas, heartworm and other parasites as well as ear mites

We also utilize a number of advanced diagnostic testing tools to help us identify the signs of existing parasites. For instance, our in-house laboratory allows us to analyze samples to detect parasites quickly so they can be addressed in the most effective manner possible. As with our preventative care, the way we treat parasites is always customized to suit each individual patient.

You adore your animal family member. Help keep that little guy or gal as healthy and happy as possible by investing in parasite control. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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