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Preoperative Precautions

Your pet is scheduled for surgery. Veterinary surgery is more safe now than in the past and every precaution before, during and after surgery will be taken. However, there are a few simple procedures you can carry out at home to minimize problems and prevent unnecessary risks. Follow the instructions carefully.

Anesthetics are most safely administered on an empty stomach. Do not feed your pet for 14 hours before admittance for surgery (take food away at 6pm the night before). Water may be given up to 8 hours before admittance. (take water away at 12am midnight).

Certain routine laboratory procedures may be done before surgery to rule out any preexisting health problems that might complicate anesthesia or make the surgery more risky. We offer in house blood work the day of surgery to make sure your pet is healthy enough to be placed under general anesthesia.

Your pet should have an exact admit time in the morning the day of surgery. Please bring cats in a carrier and dogs on a leash. Be sure to bring any paper work pertaining to previous lab tests and vaccinations. If your pet is from a shelter or rescue group or has already been examined by another Veterinarian please bring all paperwork from their visit(s).

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