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Helpful Kitties

November 01, 2015

Do you have a kitty? Your feline friend may spend a lot of time napping, but when she is awake, she will do whatever she can to help keep your household running smoothly. In fact, kitties can be quite helpful! In this article, a Westland area veterinarian lists some of the ways our feline friends help us out around the house.

Making Beds

Kitties are always willing to lend a helping paw when it comes to changing bedsheets. Your helpful little furball may hop onto the bed as you are putting fresh sheets on it to help keep the sheets from blowing away before you can get them in place.

Doing Laundry

To help keep your laundry from getting cold, your furry pal will hop right into the basket of clothes you just took out of the dryer. Cats are so attentive!


Cats may be little, but they do what they can to keep things looking neat and tidy. Fluffy may considerately knock small items off your counters and coffee table to keep things from looking cluttered.

Alarm Clock

Fluffy can be a great help when it comes to getting up in the morning. Your feline friend may nudge you or even slap you to get you up and moving, so you can fill her bowl.

Lap Warmer

There’s nothing cozier than settling in on a chilly night with a good book or movie and a cup of hot coffee or tea. Fluffy will help make the moment complete by snuggling up on your lap for yet another nap.

Intruder Alert

Your kitty may bolt for cover when you have company, but if a moth or rodent gets into the house, she’ll definitely let you know!

Cleaning Prompts

Fluffy can also offer her assistance in more subtle ways. She might shed on your furniture to prompt an extra round of vacuuming, or hop up on the counter to prompt you to wipe it down one more time. How thoughtful!

Cuddle Provider

One wonderful thing about pets is that they offer unconditional love. Fluffy’s purrs and cuddles are priceless gifts, and can definitely lift your spirits on a bad day.

Do you have any questions about your cat’s health, care, or behavior? We are here to help! Please feel free to call us, your Westland area animal clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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