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Warning Signs of Sickness in Cats

February 01, 2016

Your feline friend can’t tell you if she doesn’t feel well, so it’s very important for you to be able to recognize signs of potential illness in your furry pal. Cats naturally try to mask any signs of illness or weakness, so your kitty may not show any symptoms until she is quite sick! A Westland area vet lists some signs of sickness in cats in this article.

Poor Grooming

A greasy, unkempt, or matted coat is often a telltale sign of illness in our feline friends. Healthy cats are very diligent about their grooming rituals. If Fluffy doesn’t feel good, she may forego her daily beauty regime, and it won’t take long for the results to show.

Change in Vocalizations

Pay attention to Fluffy’s meowing habits. A loud cat that stops meowing, or a quiet kitty that suddenly won’t stop vocalizing, could be sick.


Just like people, cats often don’t feel very sociable when they’re sick. If your furball starts hiding more than normal, have your vet examine her.

Change in Appetite

Any sudden increase or decrease in Fluffy’s appetite is worth noting. While kitties have been known to be rather finicky, a loss of interest in food is not the same thing as a disdain a certain brand or flavor. This applies to your furball’s drinking habits as well. Fill your cat’s water dish at the same time each day so you can monitor her water consumption.

Litterbox Issues

Cats are generally quite fastidious about using their own bathrooms. If you notice a change in the color, texture, or amount of your pet’s waste, or if Fluffy stops using the litterbox, she could be sick. Straining to urinate, diarrhea, and constipation are also red flags.

Unusual Behavior

We know, kitties can be quite quirky, so when we say unusual behavior, we mean things that are not normal for your cat. The better you get to know Fluffy, the easier it will be to spot anything out of the ordinary. For instance, if your furball is usually aloof, but suddenly wants all sorts of attention, she could be sick. The reverse is also true: cuddly cats that start acting aggressive could be ill.

If your furball shows any of these symptoms, please contact us, your Westland area vet clinic, right away. The sooner your kitty can be diagnosed and treated, the better!

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