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The Dangers of Obesity in Cats

March 01, 2016

Is your kitty starting to get a bit round? Obesity is quite common in cats. In fact, by some estimates, well over half of our feline friends are overweight or obese! While we won’t deny that chubby kitties are cute, those extra pounds can carry some very serious health risks for Fluffy and her friends. Read on as a Galloway, OH veterinarian discusses some of the dangers of feline obesity.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is one of the major risks of obesity in cats. Fluffy’s heart will have to work harder to pump her blood if she’s carrying extra weight.

Liver Trouble

Kitties that are overweight or obese also have elevated risks of developing liver trouble.


Diabetes is another serious health problem that is common in obese cats.

Complications from Surgery/Anesthesia

If Fluffy is overweight or obese, she has a higher risk of having complications from surgery or anesthesia.

Bone/Joint Issues

That extra weight will put a lot of additional strain on your kitty’s bones and joints. Obesity can lead or contribute to painful bone/joint issues, such as arthritis.


If your feline pal is overweight or obese, she also has a higher risk of developing certain kinds of cancer.

Skin Problems

Pudgy kitties are also more likely to have skin problems. This is in part because that extra weight can make it hard for Fluffy to reach her entire body when grooming herself.

Shortened Life Expectancy

Obese kitties generally have shorter lifespans than cats who are at or near their ideal weight. Those extra pounds can shorten your beloved pet’s life!

Preventing Obesity

Keeping your cat at a healthy weight is definitely in her best interests! As you probably know, kitties love their naps. Play with Fluffy every day to keep her active. Just like people, cats sometimes snack when they’re bored, so offer your pet plenty of fun toys to play with. Also, be sure to feed your furball a good, nutritious diet. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Treating Obesity

If you know or suspect that Fluffy needs to lose weight, have your vet examine her and recommend a safe nutritional plan. Crash diets are very dangerous for kitties! Your furball will need to trim down slowly to drop those extra pounds without compromising her health.

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