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How To Care For Your Dog’s Teeth

October 01, 2021

Does your pup have bad breath? If so, there’s a good chance that your canine pal needs some dental work done. Just like people, dogs can suffer from many different dental problems, such as gum disease and loose or infected teeth. Dental troubles can lead to or aggravate many other serious health issues in dogs, so keeping Fido’s mouth healthy is very important! Below, a local Galloway, OH vet offers advice on doggy dental care.


Brushing is a great way to keep Fido’s choppers healthy. To get your canine buddy used to the process, start out by gently rubbing his teeth and gums with your finger. Once he gets used to that, add doggy toothpaste. Choose a yummy flavor like beef or chicken to make it more fun for him. The next step is to move on to using a pet toothbrush. Just doing a few teeth each day will be beneficial.

Dental Treats/Kibble

If Fido won’t sit still to have his teeth brushed, consider getting him dental-formula treats or kibble. These are made to reduce and remove harmful plaque and tartar. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Chew Toys

Chew toys can be very beneficial for our canine buddies. Chewing helps keep Fido’s jaws strong, and stimulates the flow of saliva, which is also beneficial. You can even put a little doggy toothpaste on a chew stick for your pooch. Just be sure to choose chew toys that are appropriate for your canine pal’s age and breed.


Fresh, clean water is very important to Fido’s general health and well-being, but it’s also great for his teeth. Water will help rinse away food particles and keep your furry friend’s mouth nice and clean.

Veterinary Care

Regular dental care is also very important to your furry pal’s oral health. A good dental cleaning can remove tartar buildup, which will reduce inflammation and help fight infections and bacteria. Specific dental issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In between veterinary appointments, keep an eye out for signs of dental problems. Some of the symptoms of doggy dental woes include bad breath; excessive, bloody, or stringy drool; visible tartar buildup; and a loss of interest in playing and/or eating.

Does your dog need dental care? We are here to help! Please feel free to contact us, your local Galloway, OH animal hospital, anytime.

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