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Things Your Cat Wants For The Holidays

December 15, 2023

Are you still working on your holiday shopping? Or are you more inclined to waiting until the last minute, and getting everything in one fell swoop? No matter which camp you fall into, it’s probably safe to say that your feline pal will be very interested in investigating all of those bags and boxes you bring home. Fluffy may even try to lend a helping paw as you wrap gifts. Of course, your kitty also deserves some things of her own. A local Galloway, OH vet lists some good gifts for cats in this article.

Holiday Gifts For Kittens

Is your feline buddy still a kitten? If so, you’re in for an adorable holiday season. Little Fluffy is at her cutest at this time of year. They’re also at their most mischievous! You’ll want to keep your tiny ball of fur entertained and happy, so lots of toys are in order. However, it may be too soon for catnip: most kitties don’t become susceptible to it until they’re at least three months old. Little Fluffy will still enjoy batting at small mice and balls. 

You may see lots of pet furniture on sale, it’s probably best to avoid kitten-sized things. Your pet will outgrow them very quickly! Opt for a fun cat tower, one with lots of toys and nooks and crannies for your playful buddy to look cute on. 

Holiday Gifts For Adult Cats

Once your cat is fully grown, she’ll have mastered use of all those claws and teeth. Toys are still great options for adult cats. Playing benefits your cat both physically and mentally. That will become more and more important over time. Senior cats can be a bit lazy, and will spend the majority of their time sleeping.

That brings us to our next suggestion: beds. Beds are pretty much a universal cat gift. As far as your feline pal is concerned, you just can’t have too many options. Fluffy will still appreciate pet furniture, such as cat towers, kitty shelves, scratching posts, window seats, and/or catwalks.

By this time, Fluffy will be able to partake in catnip. The classic catnip mouse is fine, of course. You can also offer your fuzzy pal a live catnip plant, catnip bubbles, or catnip spray. However, not all cats are interested in catnip. In fact, about half of these cute furballs are immune to its effects. If your little buddy doesn’t care for catnip, try getting her honeysuckle cat toys. For reasons no one knows, kitties that aren’t affected by catnip often do enjoy honeysuckle. 

Holiday Gifts For Senior Cats

By the time Fluffy reaches her senior years, she’ll probably be more interested in snoozing beneath the tree than in trying to topple it. Comfort is definitely king when it comes to caring for senior cats. Beds are always a great choice: even if your pet already has several, it’s always good to have options. You may also want to look into pet ramps or stairs, or perhaps a litterbox made just for senior kitties. Grooming furniture, such as a piece with a roller brush your pet can rub against, is also a good bet. 

Hi-Tech Holiday Cat Gifts

Every year, there are more and more modern gadgets to choose from. Our feline pals have quite a few options here as well! You may want to try offering your kitty a robotic mouse, or perhaps a remote-controlled toy. Fluffy may also want to try her paw at playing video games: you can download ones just for kitties to play on a phone or tablet. (This can be a good way to repurpose a phone or tablet you’re upgrading.)

If you want to go all-out, you can even consider getting Fluffy some programmable paw pads, which ‘speak’ on her behalf. These new products make it easier than ever for cats to boss their humans around!

Low-Tech Holiday Cat Gifts

One of Fluffy’s most amusing traits has to be her box obsession. That adorable quirk can come in pretty handy at this time of year. After everyone has opened their gifts, give your furry friend some of those empty boxes. You can even have the kids make a box castle for your feline overlord! 

There are also some great DIY options for kitty toys. For instance, it’s pretty easy to sew your own catnip mice. Cut two pieces of material into the same shape. Then, place them together so that one is on top of the other, with the outside facing in. Sew them together by making stitches around the edges, leaving just a small hole. You’ll use that hole to pull the fabric through, and then stuff it with catnip. Then, close it up, and tell your cute pet not to play with it. She’ll probably go right for it!

Holiday Gifts For Homeless Cats

At any given time, there are millions of pets in shelters, hoping that someone will adopt them and provide them with the love, care, treats, catnip, and lap space they want. The best gift for any of these sweet kitties would of course be a forever home. That’s a huge decision, though, and not something you would want to do without thinking carefully. However, there are still ways to help. Consider donating money or supplies to a local shelter, or perhaps sponsoring an adoptable kitty that needs medical help.

If you are looking to help strays in your neighborhood, consider putting out cat shelters. All you need are a few storage totes. Put one inside the other, with a layer of newspaper in between for insulation, Then, cut small door holes in one side, and add a soft blanket. This won’t solve the ongoing problem of pet overpopulation, but it may help keep a kitty warm at night. Ask your Galloway, OH vet for more information.

Gifts For Any Cat

There are a few all-purrpose gifts that are a good choice for any of our feline pals. Beds, of course, are at the top of that list. Store-bought beds are fine, but if you’re creative and crafty, you can also make one. This is a cute way to reuse an old suitcase, drawer, or crate.

Subscription boxes are another good bet. You can pick these according to your pet’s age. Every month, Fluffy will get to play with a box of new toys and goodies!

Scratching posts or boards are also safe bets. There are some really cute ones out now. 

Then again, your pet may ignore the things you buy her and opt to play with a bottle cap, or sleep on a pizza box. You just never know with cats! 

Tips On Choosing Safe Gifts

When choosing gifts for your feline buddy, always put safety first. Avoid anything with really small parts. Items with strings are lots of fun for your kitty, but shouldn’t be left out between uses, as there’s a risk of entanglement. We’d also advise opting out of things made overseas, as not all countries have strict quality laws for pet products. Unfortunately, many pet products—particularly dog toys—have been found to contain harmful chemicals.

Seasons Greetings from everyone here at Angel Animal Hospital, your Galloway, OH animal clinic. Please feel free to contact us for all of your kitty’s veterinary care plans.

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