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The French Bulldog: A Little Dog With A Big Heart

January 01, 2024

French Bulldog Day is January 13th. These lovable, curious pups have plenty to celebrate: they’re now America’s most popular dog! For the past three decades, the Labrador Retriever was happily panting away in that top spot, with a wagging tail and cheerful doggy grin. Knocking the beloved Lab down to second place was no small feat for a pooch with a scrunched in face. Fido was also the top dog in the AKC’s kennel events this year. A local Galloway, OH vet puts the Frenchie in the spotlight.

French Bulldogs 101: Breed Basics

Fido has a big heart and a huge personality, both of which are stuffed into a small, compact body. A typical Frenchie weighs less than 30 pounds, and can live about 10 to 12 years on average. They have short, sleek coats that are easy to maintain and require minimal grooming. There is also a fluffy variation of the breed. They’re adorable, but you may be in for a bit of sticker shock: they can cost up to $30,000.

Which Celebrities Own French Bulldogs?

Fido has several famous admirers, including actor and rapper Snoop Dogg. (Note: in 2022, Snoop’s beloved dog Frank went missing for a month, but was eventually reunited with his owner.) Rapper Megan Thee Stallion also has two Frenchies. One of her furry friends, named 4oe, even boasts his own Instagram account! Actress Reese Witherspoon is also known to have owned at least two Frenchies. And finally, we cannot forget Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his loyal companions Brutus and Hobbs. Sadly, Brutus passed away after consuming a poisonous mushroom. 

Why Did Frenchies Get So Popular?

While it may be surprising to realize that Fido is now America’s most popular dog, this only makes sense to anyone who has a French Bulldog for a buddy. These dogs are charming, easy to care for, and lots of fun. They also don’t require much exercise, and want nothing more than to cuddle up with their human companions.

These dogs are also very charismatic and affectionate, and they crave attention and cuddles from their humans. (Naps, treats, and belly rubs will get those little tails wagging.)

Do French Bulldogs Often Have Dental Problems?

Dogs with small teeth are often prone to dental issues. The Frenchie is no different. Fido doesn’t have much room for 42 teeth, so he’s susceptible to issues like overcrowding and misalignments.  Watch for signs of dental trouble, such as bad breath, bleeding gums, tartar buildup, and swelling. You’ll also need to keep his choppers clean, to help ward off gum disease and other issues. Ask your Galloway, OH vet for more information.

Why Is Theft of French Bulldogs So Common?

If there was a downside to having a French Bulldogs, this is it: these guys are among the most frequently stolen dogs due to their charms. Unfortunately, due to their popularity, they can fetch top dollar. They are also small enough to be stolen. One woman in Washington, D.C. even received a ransom demand for her canine buddy! (The dog has since been located and is safe at home.)

In order to keep your furry pal safe, we recommend having him microchipped and keeping an ID tag on him at all times. Never leave Fido unattended, and always be extra alert in public areas. You may also want to get a pet tracker, such as GPS tags. Last but not least, keep your adoption paperwork. Being able to prove ownership can make a huge difference in a court case!

French Bulldog Temperament:


This is one area where Fido shines. French Bulldogs have wonderful personalities. They’re playful and affectionate, and they make friends with everyone.

That doesn’t mean they are perfect. Frenchies can be stubborn, and they can be very protective. Proper training is essential! These guys get very attached to their humans, and they tend to become lonely and unhappy if left by themselves for too long.

What Are The Common Health Concerns with French Bulldogs?

The Frenchie is prone to a few specific health problems, especially respiratory and dental problems. They are brachycephalic, which means that their airways are unnaturally short. That is why they have adorable, slightly smooshed-looking faces. Unfortunately, that can also lead to a variety of health problems.

Fido is also susceptible to eye and skin problems and intervertebral disc disease. For this breed, certain tests are recommended. These include patella, hip, and ophthalmologist evaluations, as well as cardiac exams. Also worth noting? Frenchies, like other flat-faced dogs, are more sensitive to anesthesia than other dogs. Ask your Galloway, OH veterinary clinic for specific advice.

What Breeds Do French Bulldogs Come From?

Fido is believed to be a mixture of Parisian ratter dogs and imported toy Bulldogs from England. The pups’ history dates back to the mid-19th century in Normandy. When bull-baiting became illegal in the 1830s, breeders focused on eliminating aggressive tendencies in the breed. (They also gave Fido bat ears.)  Like most other companion dogs, these guys don’t have any specific roles or jobs that they are suited for: their whole purpose is centered around pleasing and entertaining their humans. Unsurprisingly, Frenchies soon gained popularity among French lacemakers. The rest, as they say, is history.

What Makes French Bulldogs Special?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, especially when it comes to dogs. That said, Frenchies definitely have a way of melting hearts with their bat ears, stout bodies, and expressive faces. They’re also just a great pet. They don’t require much exercise or space and don’t bark without cause, so they’re a great choice for city dwellers. Fido is also very fond of naps, cuddles, and belly rubs. They’re also pretty comical! 

What Foods Should I Not Give My French Bulldog?

These stout little dogs are prone to obesity. Don’t give Fido anything high in fat and/or salt, including fried foods, cheese, and fatty meats like bacon and sausage. Of course, you also should avoid the foods that are unsafe for all dogs, such as chocolate, avocado, grapes, and raisins. Ask your Galloway, OH animal hospital for more information. 

(Note: Frenchies are very, very good at getting us to fork over tasty treats with their sad expressions. Keep that in mind. You may need to steel yourself against that cute face.)

What Are The Best Ways To Take Care Of A French Bulldog?

Overall, Fido’s care requirements are similar to any other dog: they need proper nourishment, appropriate physical activity, routine vet visits, and plenty of affection.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll need to be very cautious around water. French Bulldogs cannot swim and can quickly get into trouble even in shallow depths. Additionally, due to their short snouts, they are prone to overheating. You’ll need to be careful to keep Fido from overexerting himself. Even running can be dangerous for some of these pups. Keeping your dog cool on warm days is also important. Consider purchasing a cooling mat or vest for your furry friend during the summer months. (Cold treats would also not be unappreciated, but be careful not to go overboard.)

Contact us if you have questions about caring for a French Bulldog. As your Galloway, OH animal clinic, we are always here to help! 


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