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Warning Signs of Sickness in Cats

Warning Signs of Sickness in Cats

February 01, 2016

Your feline friend can’t tell you if she doesn’t feel well, so it’s very important for you to be able to recognize signs of potential illness in your furry pal. Cats naturally try to mask any signs of illness or weakness, so your kitty may not show any symptoms until she is quite sick! A Westland area vet lists some signs of sickness in cats in this article. Poor Grooming A greasy, unkempt, or matted … Read More »

6 Key Points of Great Cat Care

October 01, 2015

Do you have a cat? Our feline friends are clean, cute, and lovable, so it’s no wonder that they are such popular pets. Cats are easy to care for, but just like any other animal, they do need proper care in order to stay happy and healthy. In this article, a local Westland area vet offers some advice on caring for your feline friend. Good Diet Feeding your feline pal a good, nutritious diet is … Read More »

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